28 January 2023


Kenzi Tower Hotel

In partnership with THE ANDRAGOGUES, the 'Trainer Training' cycle

Educational Objectives

  • Acquire key principles to adopt a trainer's position in andragogy
  • Integrate principles of instructional design and pedagogical concepts (support and activities)
  • Establish learning conditions and foster group dynamics
  • Master pedagogical techniques and methods to engage and involve participants effectively
  • Anticipate and manage difficult situations or participants

Program and Sequencing

  1. Identifying the trainer's roles and different styles – 1 day
  2. Gathering and analyzing needs, and defining the evaluation framework – 1 day
  3. Designing a training program – 2 days
  4. Mastering animation methods and techniques – 2 days
  5. Anticipating and effectively managing difficult situations in training – 1 day
  6. Certification day – 1 day