Dear partners,

2017 was an important turning point for DIORH. After several months of internal reflection and discussions with our customers and partners, we decided to clarify our value proposition. Therefore, we have renewed our vision and ensured that our organization completely aligns with it.

Our business is composed of 3 service lines developing distinct expertise while allowing synergies in terms of client approach and innovation process.

Our signature, “Think Talents”, stands for the common thread that runs through of all our practices. How can we improve our client capabilities? How can we align management and organizational models to maximize individual performance and the collective value creation process? How can we ensure that human capital is involved in a dynamic global intelligence? These are the key challenges that guide our value proposition.

2020 is the deadline for our roadmap, which relies on 3 fundamental pillars: consolidating the range of our expertise, reinforcing our innovation process in terms of methodology and customer service, and establishing synergy between our practices to improve our flexibility and the relevance of our interventions.

In this uncertain world, we look at the future with optimism, enthusiasm, tenacity, and commitment!

Mehdi Elyousfi