Since its foundation, DIORH has developed into a market leader in Human Resource Consulting.

We developed a set of customer-centric approaches to meet the fundamental needs and issues of a broad range of organizations that face increasingly complex challenges. Our approaches cover large and small companies, innovative ecosystems, and public-sector authorities. We deliver for all our clients through:

  • DIORH Consulting
  • DIORH Executive Search
  • DIORH Development

In a globally-connected and fast-paced world, organizations need to strengthen their ability to face ever-changing markets. We offer businesses the tools to optimize their workforce alignment and drive performance.

Our integrated management system is supported by the following :/p>

  • A tailor-made approach using robust analytical models based on our own consultancy experience and our unrivalled expertise in human resources management.
  • Complete focus on the quality of our analysis and the consistency of our recommendations
  • A carefully chosen network of consultants and experts from various backgrounds, selected for their ethics, their capacity to provide impact, and their ability to enable sustainable knowledge transfer to our clients.