We work in 4 complementary areas of intervention:

Individual skills and potential assessment

Based on internal models, our assessment methodology focuses on the ‘individual excellence profile’ through an in-depth and systemic analysis that explores 3 layers:

  • The professional profile, which relates to the hard skills acquired by a professional throughout their academic and professional career
  • The behavioral profile, which assesses how an individual behaves, commits, and interacts within their professional environment. It also checks their comfort or discomfort zones
  • The motivational profile, which focuses on the inner driving forces that structure and deeply affect an individual commitment

This approach underlies most of our assessment processes, in particular:

  • Recruitment
  • Positions/profiles adequacy assessment
  • Succession plans
  • Career management
  • Detection of high potential
  • Managers’ 360-degree feedback

Our network of assessors is certified by our assessment partner, the ENSIZE company, for behavioral assessment tools and approaches.

Individual and team coaching

We have built coaching tools based on a detailed analysis of our professional, behavioral, and motivational assessments results.

  • Our individual coaching paths allow individuals to learn and apply new practices and behaviors that strengthen their leadership effectiveness, individual efficiency, and managerial performance.
  • Our team coaching seminars help develop synergies and collective dynamics between the various profiles of a managing team.

Training and transfer of skills

Our training courses are structured around interactive “workshops” and blended-learning tools (on-line and off-line sessions, action learning, and managing experience), and opening- up enriched perspectives for each professional trained in the following areas :

  • Personal development
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-assertion
  • Sales and trading
  • Customer centricity
  • Team and people management
  • Leadership

Building on our shared experiences, case studies, and our theoretical contributions we have created structured programs that use our knowledge transfer process to help participants extend their understanding and know-how in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Administrative & Staff management
  • HR Strategic planning
  • Career management and incentive reward models
  • Assessment of “behavioral profiles” (certification)

Implementing collective intelligence and mobilizing players

By using playful and interactive approaches, designed to unite and mobilize teams around major business and cultural issues, our interventions help to build a global collective intelligence process and implement operational steps to achieve it.

One methodology developed by DIORH called Appropri-Action® enables :

  • Everyone involved to understand the overall significance of the “Project”
  • Teams to transform the “Project” into recommendations of “local” actions
  • Company management to oversee the implementation of the actions and to share the success and best practices that emerge in the field.

The Appropri-action® approach creates significant added value within group dynamics, specifically those aiming to:

  • Drive change
  • Revisit the company’s set of values
  • Strengthen team cohesion
  • Implement a strategic roadmap
  • Improve individual commitment and loyalty to the company
  • Inspire a sales network
  • Raise awareness of new practices

To strengthen our results and ensure their durability, we pay close attention to internal communications before, during, and after the event.