Executive Search

We specialize in targeted search for key positions for executives and senior managers, utilizing our exclusive networks beyond traditional talent markets. Due to the sensitivity of our mandates, we ensure complete confidentiality, making us a preferred partner for both our clients and candidates.

Interim Management

We assist our clients in navigating through urgent situations. Our operational managers are immediately available to conduct a personalized diagnosis, take effective operational measures, initiate a project, and develop an organization.


Our assessments come to the rescue through psychometric tests, face-to-face interviews, and reference checks. The results of these evaluations help develop effective organizational strategies while reducing the risk of hiring the wrong candidate.

Market Mapping

Market mapping provides a comprehensive overview, based on intelligence, of talent availability across multiple sectors, including potential candidates who are not actively seeking new positions.

Reference Checking

As part of the hiring process, we assist our clients in reference checks, involving contacting previous employers to verify key information about the candidate, such as experience, skills, and reasons for departure.