Dear partners,

Diorh celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. Several generations of consultants have built the capabilities and reputation of our firm, each bringing their personality in turn, expressing, in their own ways, the immutable values of Diorh: to be a pioneer and proactive in our areas of expertise, to act ethically in all situations, to seek to build lasting relationships. It is these values that have driven them throughout these three decades and continue to inspire the current generation.

Since the strategic shift we initiated in 2017-2018, the different competence centers of Diorh have benefited from increasing autonomy, materialized by the promotion of 3 distinct brand identities: Diorh Executive Search, Diorh Consulting, Diorh Development, differentiated in their scopes of expertise, their modes of intervention, and their partnership relations. Diorh is thus one and diverse. Our signature, "Think Talents", symbolizes the point of convergence of our different trades without hindering their specificities. How to optimize individual skills? How to align organizational and management models to maximize individual potentials? How to build dynamics of collective intelligence? These are the challenges that Diorh and its entities seek to address through their value proposition.

For the coming years, we articulate the ambition to continue our triple dynamic: to consolidate our areas of expertise, to intensify our innovation dynamics for the benefit of our clients, to strengthen our agility and the relevance of our interventions. In our ever more uncertain world, we envision the future with optimism, enthusiasm, rigor, and commitment!

Mehdi Elyousfi